Olivia Nash Richardson

Professional Travel Advisor
Nash Travel Management

Join Nashville Brewing Co. owner, Scott Mertie, and Nash Travel Management owner, Olivia Nash Richardson as they explore explore some of regions of Europe that bring us some of the most famous styles of beer in the world. This customized river cruise will appeal to beer aficionados and casual quaffers alike.

From Prague, the "City of Spires," to the heartland of Germany along the Rhine and Main rivers and to cosmopolitan Amsterdam, you’ll get an up-close look at the magnificent castles, medieval towns and forever-inspiring cities. Experience Prague’s eclectic mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. Get lost in the medieval chivalric atmosphere of Nuremberg’s Kaiserburg Castle, representative of the thousands of fortresses that dotted Germany’s landscape in the Middle Ages. Marvel at an immaculate example of Baroque architecture at the designated UNESCO World Heritage Würzburg Residenz, a reminder of life lived on a grand scale. Savor the storybook atmosphere of some of Europe’s most charming towns, Wertheim and Rüdesheim; and along the way, get swept up in the many treasures just waiting to be discovered along the Rhine and Main rivers.

The first few days will be spent in the Czech Republic, exploring the beer scene of Prague and Pilsen, the birthplace of pilsner. Then we travel to Nuremburg to explore the city’s rich brewing history.

There, we will board the AmaCerto for a seven night journey along Main and Rhine rivers. The first day of sailing will consist of a number of locks through the Main-Danube Canal and we’ll have time to explore Bamberg, known for its Rauchbier (smoked beer). The next few days will be spent traveling west on the Main River visiting numerous towns and breweries along the way. Once on the Rhine River, we will travel north to Cologne, famously known for its Kölsch Bier. 

The journey will end in Amsterdam, where the Rhine empties into the North Sea. This customized river cruise will appeal to beer aficionados and casual quaffers alike.